Thinking of giving to SKCC?

Why should I give? 

The large majority of the ministry of the church is funded by the tithes and gifts that come from the people in the church - the more we give the more we can do!

We believe it is godly to contribute to your local church as this is where God is blessing you and has called you.

How much should I give?

God loves us to give generously and cheerfully, and we believe in the biblical principal of giving and tithing. 

How to give?

You can give easily online via our page on the 'GiveALittle' website. Alternatively you can find on the following links our Standing Order form to setup a regular donation, and also our Gift Aid Declaration form. (If you pay UK income tax or capital gains tax then please consider filling out the gift aid declaration as it allows us to increase the amount of your gift.) Please return your standing order form to your bank, or alternatively use the details on the form to setup a payment via internet banking. Please return the gift aid form to Joyce Rawlings. 

If you have any futher queries about giving to SKCC please get in touch with the church office (

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