SKCC has a long history of involvement in mission. Right back in the late 1970’s/early 80’s our founding father, Cyril Coombs, was on the board of Mission Aviation Fellowship which took him to Africa to visit MAF families. At the same time the church received a prophecy that “many would come from near and from far” which was certainly fulfilled as people from all over the world came to our small mission building in the middle of the Kent countryside.

Johnny Dyer followed Cyril and, back in the early ‘90s, was the one who perhaps kindled our commitment as a church to short-term international ministry visits.

Since that time many have gone on such trips with SKCC. The most visited country is Romania (at least 150 people over the years), but smaller numbers have also gone to such countries as China, DR Congo, Czech Republic, Kenya, Rwanda and Spain. Several people have also gone out to serve long term – Heather working in Kedesh, Mozambique and Tom working with Food for the Hungry in Rwanda. Mark Lamb (and others) working with Aid to Burkina are in the process of building a school in Kodeni, Burkina Faso.

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Burkina Faso 


Heather (Mozambique)


Tom (Rwanda)

As you read the various reports published on these web pages you will see how God has used ordinary people to touch lives, and pass on financial blessing to many. In the process, He has done some awareness–raising for us as a church. You can’t be involved, whether as a prayer-supporter, giver of finance, or team member, without getting a greater sense that God is truly the Lord of the whole earth. More than that, He wants us, corporately and individually, to be involved in His kingdom purposes way beyond our own borders.

The blessing is not only poured out on those to whom we go. Rarely does anyone come back from a trip un-impacted and unchanged. The experience is humbling and enriching, and well worth any kind of hardship involved. Don’t travel on a team, if you don’t want God to change your attitudes, your priorities, and your love for His people everywhere.