In the mid 1980’s, following some wonderful moves of the Holy Spirit, God joined together a flourishing village mission and a small town Elim church to become the Community Church. Since then the vision has expanded continually and now embraces the wide area bordered within the towns of Folkestone, Hythe and Ashford, plus close links with another Salt & Light church in New Romney. Folkestone and Hythe’s decision to work as one was birthed in a prophetic word twenty years ago and God has used it to produce a lively, pro-active committed church community in the locality.

In 2000 when senior leader Graham Coombs took the helm, the prophetic word was that the church would “…move straight from 1st into 3rd gear without ever being in 2nd” – and maybe that describes the steep curve of opportunity  and growth through which the Lord is presently taking us. It would be hard to recognise this as being the same church to the one which was birthed around 30 years ago.

In 2015, Graham Coombs stepped down as senior leader handing on the baton to his eldest son James, along with his wife Fiona. James & Fiona work closely with Phil & Hannah Haines as they seek God for His plan for SKCC in the years ahead.

For many years we have received apostolic input through Salt & Light ministries. In 2018, we joined with other churches in Salt & Light across the South/South East to form FORGE Sphere