We have a SKCC School Assemblies Team which serves a number of schools in the locality by providing Christian assemblies for the primary age group.

The team operates in line with Goverment guidelines for collective worship and its 15-20 minute programmes are sensitive to multi-cultural issues. The SKCC Schools' Assembly team has been running for many years and has touched the lives of 100’s of children in the local primary schools.

Barney Ridgwell is currently responsible for liaising with the schools and booking assemblies, supported by a team who use puppets or drama in an entertaining and thought provoking way.

Team members are carefully selected within SKCC, and possession of a current DBS is an automatic requirement.

This work has opened many doors and brought lots of good contacts. The children especially like the puppets and it has been found that puppets can preach the gospel when human beings might not be allowed.

If you would like to know more about what the team does, please call the office on 01303 251155