Youth Devotions

Welcome to your daily devo. page! I am fully aware that life may be a little different for everyone at the moment, not just in the way that we see the world around us, but also how we process it in our minds. With the world taking a sudden change of pace and everyone doing things differently, here’s your opportunity to make the most of your time whilst the country is on hold. Listed below are a set of devotionals to help keep you healthy in your mind set and hungry for the things of God. Each devotional will consist of a combination of REFLECTION, BIBLE READING, VIDEO, CHALLENGE, PRAYER.

I pray that they are of value to you and that they help you to use your time wisely. Blessings, stay safe. Barney.
(DISCLAIMER. Some of these entries are originals, others are taken from various sources around the internet. Credit: YouVersion THE BIBLE APP, Student DEVOS )