On this page you can find recent news sheets which are produced weekly. They are mainly of interest to those involved in the life of the Church.

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News 18.3.18.pdf1.72 MB
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News 18.2.18.pdf1.37 MB
News 11.2.18.pdf1.22 MB
News 4.2.18.pdf1.66 MB
News 28.1.18.pdf1.25 MB
News 21.1.18.pdf1.31 MB
News 14.1.18.pdf1.46 MB
News 7.1.18.pdf1.55 MB
News 17.12.17.pdf1.25 MB
News 10.12.17.pdf1.4 MB
News 3.12.17.pdf1.81 MB
News 26.11.17.pdf2.48 MB
News 19.11.17.pdf1.93 MB
News 12.11.17.pdf2.12 MB
News 5.11.17.pdf2.04 MB
News 29.10.17.pdf1.75 MB
News 22.10.17.pdf1.9 MB
News 15.10.17.pdf1.13 MB
News 8.10.17.pdf1.42 MB
News 1.10.17.pdf1.6 MB
News 24.9.17.pdf1.74 MB
News 17.9.17.pdf1.77 MB
News 10.9.17.pdf2.06 MB
News 3.9.17.pdf1.43 MB
News 27.8.17.pdf901.13 KB
News 20.8.17.pdf607.81 KB
News 6.8.17.pdf621.1 KB
News 30.7.17.pdf843.82 KB
News 23.7.17.pdf1.16 MB
News 16.7.17.pdf1.46 MB
News 9.7.17.pdf2.15 MB
News 2.7..17.pdf1.88 MB
News 25.6.17.pdf1.5 MB
News 18.6.17.pdf1.81 MB
News 11.6.17.pdf1.61 MB
News 4.6.17.pdf1.5 MB
News 28.5.17.pdf1.06 MB
News 21.5.17.pdf1.03 MB
News 14.5.17.pdf1.1 MB
News 7.5.17.pdf1.76 MB
News 30.4.17.pdf1.46 MB
News 23.4.17.pdf1.47 MB
News 16.4.17.pdf1.28 MB
News 9.4.17.pdf1.03 MB
News 2.4.17.pdf880.12 KB
News 26.3.17.pdf665.45 KB
News 19.3.17.pdf934.72 KB
News 12.3.17.pdf817.96 KB
News 5.3.17.pdf1.15 MB
News 26.2.17.pdf850.55 KB
News 19.2.17.pdf1.1 MB
News 12.2.17.pdf974.17 KB
News 5.2.17.pdf1.42 MB
News 29.1.17.pdf1.12 MB
News 22.1.17.pdf1.17 MB
News 15.1.17.pdf1.25 MB
News 8.1.17.pdf1.06 MB
News 11.12.2016.pdf1.3 MB
News 4.12.2016.pdf1.88 MB
News 27.11.2016.pdf1.44 MB
News 20.11.2016.pdf1.44 MB
News 13.11.2016.pdf1.74 MB
News 06.11.2016.pdf1.38 MB
News 30.10.2016.pdf1.58 MB
News 23.10.2016.pdf1.19 MB
News 16.10.2016.pdf1.11 MB
News 9.10.2016.pdf1.62 MB
News 2.10.2016.pdf1.51 MB
News 25.09.2016.pdf1.6 MB
News 18.09.2016.pdf1.56 MB
News 11.09.2016.pdf1.24 MB
News 4.09.2016.pdf1.3 MB
News 31.07.2016.pdf1.11 MB
News 24.07.2016.pdf1.15 MB
News 17.07.2016.pdf1.2 MB
News 10.07.2016.pdf1.03 MB
News 26.06.2016.pdf1.72 MB
News 19.06.2016.pdf1.33 MB
News 12.06.2016.pdf1.3 MB
News 05.06.2016.pdf1.32 MB
News 29.05.2016.pdf1.37 MB
News 22.05.2016.pdf1.16 MB
News 15.05.2016.pdf1.21 MB
News 08.05.2016.pdf1.47 MB
24. 4 16 News Sheet.pdf1.44 MB
17 4 16 News Sheet.pdf1.37 MB
10 4 16 News Sheet.pdf1.27 MB
3.4.16 News Sheet.pdf1.17 MB
27. 3 16 News Sheet.pdf1009.59 KB
20. 3 16 News Sheet.pdf1.06 MB
Easter events 2016.pdf291.62 KB
13.3.16 News Sheet.pdf683.99 KB
6.3 16 News Sheet.pdf1.08 MB
28 2 16 News Sheet.pdf1.22 MB
21 2 16 News Sheet.pdf1.07 MB
14 2 16 News Sheet.pdf948.76 KB
7.2 16 News Sheet.pdf570.02 KB
31 1 16 News Sheet.pdf1.25 MB
24 1 16 News Sheet.pdf1.08 MB
17 1 16 News Sheet.pdf940.83 KB
10.1.16 News Sheet.pdf778.91 KB